Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hayden Christensen Interview, NYILY Screening and more

News for August has been added to the archive including the funny interview "30 Minutes to Seduce Hayden Christensen" and info on a "New York, I Love You" Screening in NYC. From the Hollywood Reporter: Hayden has signed to do Vanishing on Seventh [7th] Street. Also the full Lacoste Challenge commercial, NYILY HD trailer, news on Jumper book sequel, Paul Walker interview; talks about Hayden and Takers.

August 2009 News

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hayden Christensen Fan Site Updated

Hayden Christensen Fan News have updated it's site design. Also, July 2009 news with lots of info and articles has been added to the archive with news about Hayden and "New York, I Love You", Official info, Lacoste Challenge, Comic Con, Quantum Quest music composer Shawn K. Clement. Brief articles on Hayden's movies on cable Factory Girl Style and Shattered Glass with director Billy Ray and Awake. News video on "New York, I Love You".

July 2009 News

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