Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hayden Gets Audition With Spielberg

Apparently Hayden never made it to the Fontana Auto Club Speedway yesterday as part of a planned media and fan event with NASCAR driver Casey Mears. According to the OC Register, Hayden is "not ready to give up his day job" and when Steven Spielberg invites you to an audition just before leaving for the track what do you say yes.

I know fans were probably disappointed but things happen and it's understandable that work must comes first. We can't wait for more news and wish Hayden all the best.

Perhaps a new helmet for Darth Vader
July 31, 2008|By DAMIAN DOTTORE

Actor Hayden Christensen is interested in driving a stock car, but apparently he's not ready to quit his day job just yet to pursue a NASCAR dream.

Christensen, who gained fame playing Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, in the Star Wars saga, was supposed to be at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana driving go-karts at the track with Hendrick Motorsports Sprint Cup driver Casey Mears. According Auto Club Speedway president Gillian Zucker, Christensen in very interested in launching a racing career.

Christenen's kart was ready for him, sitting outside the track, which is built in the speedway's parking lot. But the driver was MIA.

Zucker said Steven Spielberg invited Christensen to an audition on Wednesday, not too long before he was supposed to head out to the track.

For more information on the upcoming Pepsi 500 at the Auto Club Speedway, click here.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hayden Christensen and NASCAR driver Casey Mears on the track

Hayden and NASCAR driver Casey Mears was scheduled to participate in an afternoon of kart racing and an appearance and photo opportunity with fans today at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana California.

Hayden is a both a fan and participant of motorsports, appearing in two Bullrun Road Rallies in recent years. The appearance at the local speedway with NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver Casey Mears was to include laps around the track, talking to media and taking photos with fans.

If you are one of the lucky fans who got to meet Hayden and would like to share your story and pictures, please email me or post here. Thanks.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hayden Video and Picture of the Day, Jumper Playlist

You can comment about anything on topic and of course the topic is Hayden Christensen. Enjoy the video and pic of the day and check out the Jumper Playlist. (No discussions about his personal life, please.) Don't forget to check the latest news on the main site. (It's gonna be a Star Wars Clone Wars Summer).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hayden Christensen News, New York, I Love You Release Date, Virgin Territory DVD Special Edition

Latest News Updates on the Main Site:

New York, I love You the movie featuring a short story starring Hayden and Rachel Bilson has a 2009 release date.

Hayden plays Lorenzo to Mischa Barton's Pampinea in Virgin Territory coming to DVD with a Special Edition 3 Disc set.

[EDIT: Correction: According to Anchor Bay there will not be a 3 Disc set.]

Star Wars: Clone Wars gets a Hollywood premiere.

Videos for the upcoming Virgin Territory showcasing swordfights and romance and interviews with Hayden and the cast of Awake.

Awake (Presunta Innocenza) release date for Italy. Watch the Italian Trailer.

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