Monday, July 14, 2008

Hayden Christensen News, New York, I Love You Release Date, Virgin Territory DVD Special Edition

Latest News Updates on the Main Site:

New York, I love You the movie featuring a short story starring Hayden and Rachel Bilson has a 2009 release date.

Hayden plays Lorenzo to Mischa Barton's Pampinea in Virgin Territory coming to DVD with a Special Edition 3 Disc set.

[EDIT: Correction: According to Anchor Bay there will not be a 3 Disc set.]

Star Wars: Clone Wars gets a Hollywood premiere.

Videos for the upcoming Virgin Territory showcasing swordfights and romance and interviews with Hayden and the cast of Awake.

Awake (Presunta Innocenza) release date for Italy. Watch the Italian Trailer.

Site Updates:

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Marty said...

Hi Barbara! I'm Marty of Hayden Christensen Italia. There's a Italian poster of Awake. You can see it here:



Hayden Christensen Fan News said...

Hi Marty. Sorry I missed your post until now.

You're site is amazing. The Italian poster for Awake is really cool. Thanks for posting.