Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hayden Christensen Rumored in "The Fallen"

According to Production Weekly, Hayden Christensen as well as Samuel L. Jackson are listed in the cast of the the upcoming Penny Marshall production about the true life story of a Boston firefighter during the time of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Filming is also rumored to begin mid November in Boston.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Hayden Christensen Unseen Factory Girl Footage

A new Factory Girl never before seen director's cut (Part 1) is now up on YouTube. The new version contains a love scene between Hayden and Sienna Miller that was not included in the theatrical or DVD version of the film. Factory Girl is the story of Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce).

Check the main site at Hayden Christensen Fan News for embedded videos of Hayden's scenes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hayden Christensen Signs Screen Gems Deal

Hayden has signed a 3 picture deal with Screen Gems along with his brother Tove and their production company Forest Park Pictures. Two more movies will follow "Bone Deep" a Screen Gems project in which Hayden is cast as a rookie detective investigating a young crew who specialize in elaborate heists. "Bone Deep" is currently filming with Matt Dillon, T.I., Paul Walker, Idris Elba and Chris Brown rounding out the cast.

Check out the main sight for more details on the Screen Gems deal along with all the latest news at Hayden Christensen Fan News

Also be sure to check out our Current Topic/Comments and have your say. The current topic is "Why are you Hayden's fan?"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hayden Christensen News and Updates

The Virgin Territory movie page is up with trailer, wallpapers, movie stills, trivia, articles and more coming soon. Virgin Territory is available on dvd August 26, 2008.

Also check out the New York, I Love You trailer and other news on the main page and updates to the site. More in the works.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hayden in the Bahamas

Thanks to Mike for sending in a photo taken recently with Hayden in the Bahamas. You'll find more info and a larger pic on the main site at Hayden Christensen Fan News

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rumors of Hayden in Neuromancer Movie

Even though Hayden has declined the opportunity to talk about this project in interviews and his name has been removed from the cast at Internet Movie Database (IMDB), rumors still persist that he will play Case in the big screen adaptation of the novel by William Gibson.

A poster has surfaced giving rise to more speculation by fans, some anxiously awaiting and some dreading the upcoming movie, which is being produced by Seven Arts Pictures. It doesn't help that Seven Arts still has Hayden's name in the synopsis even though it also removed the casting from the page.

[EDIT: August 15, 2008 - "Seven Arts Pictures has updated the Neuromancer Synopsis and has removed Hayden's name. They also changed the main character's name, which had been spelled "Cage", to "Case".]

In May, Peter Hoffman of Seven Arts Pictures brought the project to Cannes Film Market as part of the company's slate of films with Indiewire reporting that director Joseph Kahn had been signed to helm with a cast announcement coming soon. There has been no casting announcement since then. Indiewire's Cannes Biz Daily also reported William Gibson to be writing the script.

[EDIT: August 1, 2008 - William Gibson posted to his blog today that he is not writing the screenplay for Neuromancer.]

I understand fans who are eagerly anticipating the movie might want to speculate to help pass the time until something is confirmed but at present that's all it is....old rumors and speculation.

Latest Hayden Christensen News

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hayden Gets Audition With Spielberg

Apparently Hayden never made it to the Fontana Auto Club Speedway yesterday as part of a planned media and fan event with NASCAR driver Casey Mears. According to the OC Register, Hayden is "not ready to give up his day job" and when Steven Spielberg invites you to an audition just before leaving for the track what do you say yes.

I know fans were probably disappointed but things happen and it's understandable that work must comes first. We can't wait for more news and wish Hayden all the best.

Perhaps a new helmet for Darth Vader
July 31, 2008|By DAMIAN DOTTORE

Actor Hayden Christensen is interested in driving a stock car, but apparently he's not ready to quit his day job just yet to pursue a NASCAR dream.

Christensen, who gained fame playing Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, in the Star Wars saga, was supposed to be at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana driving go-karts at the track with Hendrick Motorsports Sprint Cup driver Casey Mears. According Auto Club Speedway president Gillian Zucker, Christensen in very interested in launching a racing career.

Christenen's kart was ready for him, sitting outside the track, which is built in the speedway's parking lot. But the driver was MIA.

Zucker said Steven Spielberg invited Christensen to an audition on Wednesday, not too long before he was supposed to head out to the track.

For more information on the upcoming Pepsi 500 at the Auto Club Speedway, click here.

Contact the writer:

Original article here...

More news on the main site

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hayden Christensen and NASCAR driver Casey Mears on the track

Hayden and NASCAR driver Casey Mears was scheduled to participate in an afternoon of kart racing and an appearance and photo opportunity with fans today at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana California.

Hayden is a both a fan and participant of motorsports, appearing in two Bullrun Road Rallies in recent years. The appearance at the local speedway with NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver Casey Mears was to include laps around the track, talking to media and taking photos with fans.

If you are one of the lucky fans who got to meet Hayden and would like to share your story and pictures, please email me or post here. Thanks.

Read more....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hayden Video and Picture of the Day, Jumper Playlist

You can comment about anything on topic and of course the topic is Hayden Christensen. Enjoy the video and pic of the day and check out the Jumper Playlist. (No discussions about his personal life, please.) Don't forget to check the latest news on the main site. (It's gonna be a Star Wars Clone Wars Summer).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hayden Christensen News, New York, I Love You Release Date, Virgin Territory DVD Special Edition

Latest News Updates on the Main Site:

New York, I love You the movie featuring a short story starring Hayden and Rachel Bilson has a 2009 release date.

Hayden plays Lorenzo to Mischa Barton's Pampinea in Virgin Territory coming to DVD with a Special Edition 3 Disc set.

[EDIT: Correction: According to Anchor Bay there will not be a 3 Disc set.]

Star Wars: Clone Wars gets a Hollywood premiere.

Videos for the upcoming Virgin Territory showcasing swordfights and romance and interviews with Hayden and the cast of Awake.

Awake (Presunta Innocenza) release date for Italy. Watch the Italian Trailer.

Site Updates:

If you'd like to exchange links with Hayden Christensen Fan News send me an email. You can find more info on the Main Site on the affiliates page.

Read more on these and other news updates at Hayden Christensen Fan News.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Hayden on Clone Wars at MTV, Virgin Territory, Jumper tops DVD Charts

I've been sitting on this since last week because I didn't like the game of "gotcha" that seemed to be played by an MTV interviewer because of Hayden's response to a question about Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There have been some interesting developments since then.

MTV put up a video interview with Hayden last week (video below) that was supposed to be about the promotion of Jumper being released on DVD. As most interviews go,other topics came up and Hayden was asked if he's going to find it weird hearing someone else voice Anakin in Star Wars: Clone Wars and if he had wanted to do the voice himself. Hayden's answer seemed to show that maybe he didn't have complete information about the movie and MTV focused on that when putting up the interview. The write-up with the video article was unfair, I think.

The Answers "Wishful thinking..."

In answer to the MTV article, The commented on the interview and it's something I've had at the back of my mind for the last few months as well. The article is clearly stated as opinion so take it all, my article too, with a grain of salt. There are a lot of what ifs in the The article but knowing how secretive every Star Wars project is, I've been wondering myself if there are some surprises coming with the release of The Clone War's movie in August. Lucasfilm hasn't actually confirmed who is voicing any of the characters. Click here for article at The

The Update "I can't talk about it."

The has an update from Star Wars Weekend that is just a tad mysterious. When asked by a fan if Ewan McGregor and Hayden would be doing voices for Clone Wars, Matthew Wood would only say, "I can't talk about it". Matthew Wood is one of the voice actors listed in the cast on IMDB as the voice of General Grievious which Wood also could not talk about when asked. This is starting to sound like the mystery movie where you've already figured out the ending but you can't wait because it's gonna be good folks. You can read that article by clicking here for The

I think George Lucas is such a mischievous kid at heart when it comes to surprising fans and Hayden was smiling a little too broadly while answering that question from the MTV interviewer. Canary du jour, Hayden? A little crow later for MTV? I can but dream.

Just a little conspiracy theory to help us pass the time.

Jumper tops dvd charts

Jumper teleported it's way to the top spot in DVD rentals and sales for the week ending 6-15-08. The Doug Liman directed action packed adventure film, starring Hayden Christensen, about a man who can teleport anywhere in the blink of an eye continued last week in the top 5 of dvd rentals and sales. Official count for the week ended 6-22-08 coming soon. (Source: Video Business, news articles)

Check out the Jumper Media page with loads of links to quite a few official sites for downloads, games, wallpapers and more.

Virgin Territory on DVD

Fans in the US won't get a chance to see Hayden in Virgin Territory on the big screen in this latest adaptation of Boccacio's Decameron but we will get to see it on DVD August 26, 2008. Small consolation but if you're a completist fan, you gotta have it.You can pre-order it by clicking here for Virgin Territory at

A lot more news, videos and story links about Hayden from the past week at the main site, Hayden Christensen Fan News. Check for the latest news updates often.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hayden Behind the Scenes, Jumper DVD Info, Interactive Sites, Games, Wallpapers

There are quite a few interactive Jumper sites online with lots of extras including fun games, beautiful Jumper wallpapers, galleries and Jumper video clips.

Wallpaper from Paladin's Pursuit Game

Yahoo Movies: DVD Bonus Video - Filming in the Coliseum

You can find the above wallpaper and much more and all the Jumper interactive media at the main site at Hayden Christensen Fan News - Jumper Media

And don't forget to check out the Hayden Christensen Fan News front page for frequent updates.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hayden Christensen News Round-up for the Week

Catch up on the latest news. Hayden and Jumper cast in New York, Jumper DVD commericial and Doug Liman videos, Virgin Territory update, Hayden magazine features and the Official Jumper DVD Site and more. (June 1st - June 7, 2008)

Get all the details for this and other news on the main site: Hayden Christensen Fan News

News Summary

The Official Jumper DVD Site is online with lots of special features, downloads, movie stills and video.

Hayden as David Rice in Jumper is on the cover of the July issue of DVD Monthly a UK magazine and features cast interviews with Hayden and Samuel L. Jackson.

Video: Doug Liman was on TV this past week talking to film school students about making movies and part of the show featured a behind the scenes video of the making of Jumper and featured Hayden and discussion about doing green screen work and doing a movie that literally jumps all over the world.

Hayden, Rachel Bilson and Jamie Bell showed up in New York to do a press event for the release of Jumper on DVD.

Jumper DVD giveaways, three to be exact and your chance to win a copy of Jumper in June.

Video: Watch the new Jumper DVD commericial that aired during the MTV Movie Awards.

Plenty of reviews on the Jumper DVD and all the special features included on both the Special Edition Disc and the Blu-ray version and a lot of the reviews are even positive, whaddaya know about that. :))

Hayden's theatrical film "Virgin Territory" will be released in France with the title "Medieval Pie" July 23, 2008 and still not US release date.

Hayden is featured on the cover of the summer Italian edition of GQ Style and the June issue of Russian Vogue.

Get all the details for this and other news on the main site: Hayden Christensen Fan News

Click picture below to enlarge.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hayden in LA, Jumper DVD Reviews, Contest, Hayden Funnies and more....

Catch up on news about Hayden from the past week. Hayden Christensen Fan News has updates on Hayden's arrival back in LA (with photos) and the release of the "Jumper" DVD with reveiws and video and contest info.

Voting is closed for the MTV Movie Awards. Is Hayden in town for the awards? Only time will tell. Hayden and Jamie Bell are nominated for "Best Fight" from Jumper.

The first graphic art poster from the movie "New York, I Love You" is up as well.

And from the Hayden Funnies this week........Hayden Christensen...That's my name. Don't wear it out. Some people have other ideas about that. Read more on the main page.

The main site also has a new color scheme and banner/header and please sign the new guestbook when you vist. Thanks!

Go To: Hayden Christensen Fan News

Click Photo to Enlarge

Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Chance to Vote for Hayden in MTV Movie Awards

Voting is still open at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards webpage so you still have a chance to make your vote count for Hayden and Jamie for "Best Fight" for Jumper. Vote today as often as you can and keep checking the MTV Movie Awards page until the voting is closed.

There was a little confusion with the date for closing the votes. Some articles at MTV stated "by May 23" and others "before May 23" but apparently the pages are still up and running so be sure to vote today.

EDIT: The voting page is still up at the MTV Movie Awards site so don't forget to vote. Keep checking the voting page.

Click the image to go to the vote page

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One More Day to Vote for Hayden in MTV Movie Awards

You only have one more day to get your votes in for Hayden and Jamie for "Best Fight" (Jumper) in the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. The fans decide so what are you waiting for. Start clicking away! Vote often and before May 23, 2008. Click the picture below to go to MTV to vote. Mike Myers hosts the 2008 Movie Awards live on MTV June 1st.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vote Hayden and Jumper - "Best Fight" 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell are nominated for "Best Fight" in their roles as David and Griffin in the movie Jumper. When Girffin (Jamie Bell) finds out the location of a sworn enemy, Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), he decides to blow him up. The only problem is Millie (Rachel Bilson) is Roland's prisoner and David (Hayden Christensen) must stop Griffin from detonating the bomb to save her. What ensues is a global knock down, drag out over the detonator between two jumpers who can teleport anywhere, anytime.

Click the picture below to go to the 2008 MTV Movie categories page, watch the video and cast your vote.

The MTV Movie awards page says "Only your votes decide who will take home the Golden Popcorn. Choose wisely (and often)".

It's always a surprise who will show up as guests at the MTV Movie Awards so we'll be watching just in case Hayden, Jamie, Rachel or Samuel L. show up for the fun. Mike Myers hosts the MTV Movie Awards to air live on Sunday, June 1st at 8 pm et/ 7 pm ct.

Vote before May 23, 2008.

So what are you waiting for.......start clicking.

Feel free to save the above graphic for use on your website. No hotlinking.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jumper DVD Release June 10, 2008

Jumper DVD Reminder. Jumper pre-book date May 12, 2008. You can pre-order from many places online where DVD's are sold. Jumper is also available in Blu-ray format.

"From Doug Liman, the director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and based on the best selling science-fiction novel by Steven Gould, Jumper is an experience “like nothing you’ve seen before” (Good Day NY) and has “something new and cool every five minutes” (The New York Sun). A fantastical journey through space and time, Jumper stars Hayden Christensen (Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Awake) as David Rice, a young man with the uncanny ability to transport himself anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. Living a carefree life of excess where anything and anywhere is possible, David’s world comes to an abrupt halt when he realizes that his gift is not as unique as he initially thought. Pursued by a secret organization sworn to kill Jumpers, David is forced to form an uneasy alliance with another young Jumper named Griffin (Jamie Bell; King Kong, Flags of Our Fathers), becoming a key player in a war that has been raging for thousands of years."

Jumper Single-Disc Bonus Features:

The Jumper single-disc DVD is presented in North America in full screen and widescreen (1.85:1 aspect ratio) on a flipper disc with English Dolby Surround 5.1 and Spanish and French Dolby Surround, plus English and Spanish subtitles. Bonus content includes:

Audio Commentary By Director Doug Liman, Writer/Producer Simon Kinberg and Producer Lucas Foster
Jumping From Novel To Film: The Past, Present & Future of Jumper Featurette
Making An Actor Jump Featurette
Previz: Future Concepts

Jumper Two-Disc Special Edition Bonus Features:

The North American Jumper two-disc special edition DVD with digital copy includes all the above single-disc content along with the following additional bonus features:

-- Doug Liman's Jumper: Uncensored Featurette
-- Jumping Around The World Featurette
-- Jumpstart: David's Story Animated Graphic Novel

Deleted Scenes

-- Inadvertent Jumps
-- Alternate Roland Introduction
-- Tokyo And The Machine
-- David Hides From Roland
-- Taxi To Airport - Rome
-- Epilogue War

Blu-ray Disc Features

The disc features Digital Copy and all of the above special features plus the Blu-ray exclusive PIP Jumping Around the World.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hayden Christensen - Met Costume Gala Video

Hayden Christensen being interviewed on the red carpet at the Met Costume Institute Gala.

A good friend has converted this video so you can download it to your iPod. It's available for download here:

Hayden Video for iPod

Click on the video to go to YouTube to watch the high quality version.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hayden Christensen attends Met's Costume Gala

Hayden Christensen accompanied Rachel Bilson to the Met's Costume Institute Gala, both wearing fashions by Calvin Klein. The theme of the Gala was Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. Rachel chose a sophisticated fitted gown in a beautiful shade of midnight blue styled with a high neckline and long sleeves with sequins on the bodice and part of the sleeves which fit the superhero look and theme perfectly.

Hayden was the perfect modern knight in a shiny Calvin Klein suit, looking every bit the superhero for the evening's event in Gotham City.

Click photos to enlarge.

More news and photos from the Costume Gala at Hayden Christenen Fan News

(source photos: Celebutopia)

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's a Hard-knock Life for Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen cast as David Copperfield.

There is only very early information on the latest adaptation of the Dickens classic. Velvet Octopus Films lists Hayden Christensen in the role of the adult David Copperfield in this latest film verson written by Peter Howitt and Douglas McFerran.

The $30 million project is to be produced by Generator Entertainment along with Howitt and producing partner Richard Johns (Flaming Pie Films). Funding is already lined up from the U.K. Film Council's Premiere Fund and pre-sales from the Cannes international film market.

What does Richard Johns think of bringing a new "David Copperfield" to the big screen? "This is a very fresh adaptation of the novel, not the chocolate-boxy, stolid version of Dickens that we are used to," Johns said. "It won't be mannered or reverential. With Dickens, filmmakers have been trapped in this place where you have caricatured characters, but Peter wants to deal with them like real people."

The movie, set to begin filming this fall in Canada, will be directed by Peter Howitt with a cast including Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Kevin McNally, Dominic Cooper and Simon Pegg.

By: Barbara
Hayden Christensen Fan News

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hayden Christensen Birthday Predictions


Happy Birthday Hayden!

Hayden is one of the good guys and we want to wish him the best of everything today on his birthday and in the years to come.

Besides being an interesting and talented actor he has stayed true and focused on his work and being grounded in his family life away from the bright lights of Hollywood.

Hayden, you have fans of all ages from around the world who support and admire you and wish for you a very long and prosperous career.

So here are some predictions for our Birthday Guy:

One Day we'll hear these words:

Winner for Best Actor
Winner Best Director
Winner for Best Screenplay
Winner Best Writer

And More Predictions:

We will hear you sing and play guitar and/or piano on screen someday.

You will not play the role of a monk in a monastery. (All the ladies out there applaud.)

You will do a romantic comedy that will be the envy of Steve Carrel, Zack Braff and Jim Carrey.

Piggy pals Buddy and Petunia will learn to roll over and play dead. (with their little tails wagging with delight)

There's a Hitchcock remake in your future.

Hitchcock won't direct.

Next time you and Jake Gyllenhaal are up for the same role, you'll get the part.

Jake will direct.

George Lucas will call. It won't have anything to do with a lightsaber. Something about needing advice about a tractor at Skywalker Ranch.

Hayden Christensen will not get one single speeding ticket in his next Bullrun rally.


Happy Birthday Hayden!!


I'm a fan and you're a fan so you're welcome to add your birthday wishes and predictions below.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hayden Christensen News - Jumper on Blu Ray and DVD June 2008

PRESS RELEASE - CENTURY CITY, Calif. - Anywhere. Anything. Instantly. The evolution of the action thriller takes its biggest jump yet when Jumper makes its global debut on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc (BD) on June 10th in North America and from June 16th internationally from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Bonus Material Includes Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, An Animated Graphic Novel And More.


From the director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith comes the evolution of extreme — a high-powered shot of adrenaline that stretches the very limits of imagination. David Rice (Hayden Christensen) is a young man who knows no boundaries — a Jumper, born with the uncanny ability to teleport instantly to any place on Earth. When he discovers others like himself, David is thrust into the midst of an ancient war while being hunted by a bloodthirsty band of zealots sworn to destroy all Jumpers. Now, David’s extraordinary gift may be his only hope for survival.

Jumper Single-Disc Bonus Features:

The Jumper single-disc DVD is presented in North America in full screen and widescreen (1.85:1 aspect ratio) on a flipper disc with English Dolby Surround 5.1 and Spanish and French Dolby Surround, plus English and Spanish subtitles. Bonus content includes:

Audio Commentary By Director Doug Liman, Writer/Producer Simon Kinberg and Producer Lucas Foster
Jumping From Novel To Film: The Past, Present & Future of Jumper Featurette
Making An Actor Jump Featurette
Previz: Future Concepts

Jumper Two-Disc Special Edition Bonus Features:

The North American Jumper two-disc special edition DVD with digital copy includes all the above single-disc content along with the following additional bonus features:

-- Doug Liman's Jumper: Uncensored Featurette
-- Jumping Around The World Featurette
-- Jumpstart: David's Story Animated Graphic Novel

Deleted Scenes

-- Inadvertent Jumps
-- Alternate Roland Introduction
-- Tokyo And The Machine
-- David Hides From Roland
-- Taxi To Airport - Rome
-- Epilogue War

Jumper Blu-Ray Disc Specs:

The North American Jumper BD release will be authored in BD-Java with AVC (MPEG 4 compression) on a dual-layer 50 GB disc with English 5.1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio plus English, French and Spanish Dolby Surround and Spanish, Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin subtitles. The disc features Digital Copy and all of the above special features plus the Blu-ray exclusive PIP Jumping Around the World.

Jumper - North America Information:

Street Date: June 10, 2008
Prebook Date: May 14, 2008
Single-Disc Price: $29.98 U.S. / $43.48 Canada
Two-Disc Price: $34.98 U.S. / $45.98 Canada
Blu-Ray Price: $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jumper Sequel Seems Likely

Hayden Christensen may yet again be a teleporter if the Internet Movie Database's info is accurate. While searching earlier today for news on director Doug Liman, I found Jumper 2 listed on IMDB as one of Hayden's upcoming projects.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has added Jumper 2 to it's movie pages and shows a projected release date of 2011. IMDB's status for the film is "announced" and "in development" and was last updated March 12, 2008. No cast is listed but listed are director, Doug Liman and writers Steven Gould (novel) and Simon Kinberg. You can keep track of Jumper 2 by clicking here to go to IMDB.

The Toronto Star reported earlier this year that Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Bell had all signed for two sequels, which will only happen if Jumper is a box office success.

The Jumper 2 Message Board is also online and active at IMDB and you'll find a permanent IMDB link on Hayden Christensen Fan News in the right column of the main site for handy access to Jumper 2 and all of Hayden's movie pages on IMDB.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hayden Christensen in Awake Arrives on DVD

Starring Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard and Lena Olin. Awake is the story of a man, Hayden Christensen, whose failed anesthesia leaves him awake but paralyzed and aware during surgery and able to feel every cut and hear everything going on around him. As he tries to deal with the trauma of the surgery he is also made aware of another drama surrounding him and his new bride played by Jessica Alba.

Awake is a cool suspense thriller that grabs you and keeps you on your toes from beginning to end thanks to Joby Harold's slick writing and direction. The pace is fast and keeps you on the edge of your seat with an ending you won't see coming. Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba and the rest of the cast, in a bit of clever casting, provide unexpected surprises throughout. Fine performances and a unique story make this a must see.

Check out the DVD featurette video: "Under the Knife and Behind the Camera: The Making of Awake"

The DVD is out in stores March 4, 2008 and available for rental.

"a surprisingly effective thriller" (Sun Times / Roger Ebert)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Jumper Reviews - The Fans Have Spoken

Critics have been harsh but dudes, where's the nearest theater showing Jumper.......

The fans say the movie is fun....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hayden Christensen Takes Jumper to Japan

Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson and Doug Liman received a warm welcome from fans and the media for the premiere of Jumper at the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan.

Hayden was debonair in a dark suit and Rachel was chic in a Zac Posen blue and green water-colored strapless dress, black tights and Christian Louboutin black heels. They signed autographs and spoke to the press before the movie presentation.

Jumper is in theaters everywhere in Japan on March 7th.

Click pictures to enlarge. (Thanks to Sophie for the pictures.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hayden Christensen and Jumper - Simply Awesome!

You know what? The fight is gone. I no longer feel the need to scrap with the film critic's sad, angry reviews of Jumper. I went to see it... and it was simply awesome.

You have to wonder at the vitriol spewed at Hayden Christensen by male 'film critics'. Up until very recently, I thought it was because they were jealous, or sadly lacking in the knowledge of who exactly created Star Wars.

Maybe they're not as jealous as they are... AFRAID.

These Cheetos munching losers who wrote their diatribes of Hayden's lack of acting chops while sprawled lazily at their computers in their saggy, stained, tidy (not) whities, are afraid. Yes, they are afraid of him. Hayden Christensen is an acting hurricane, a force to be reckoned with in a beautifully wrapped, kindhearted, intimidatingly intelligent, unafraid-to-be-effeminate-but-more-masculine-than-most, package.


I loved this movie. I am astounded at the critics reaction to this film. Do they have something against the writers? Doug Liman? What? I can tell you one thing... we did not see the same film. I saw a meticulously laid out story line, a great script, great acting, fantastic cgi, and fun, fun, fun. The audience's reaction to this film was such a trip. They ooooed and ahhhhed, gasped, laughed and giggled in the right places... they were either flat against the back of their seat, hands grasping tightly at their friends' arms, or dangling from the edge of their seat... so engrossed they were at the thrill ride that is Jumper.

It was known from the beginning that this might be a trilogy, so why are the critics confused by the danglers that were so well done? And why on earth would a film critic expose their sub-intelligence by saying the characters were not fleshed out enough, that there is no back story, "why do they jump and how". Did they not see WHY David was able to jump at the beginning of the movie? That's how it started PEOPLE... his desperation to leave a terrifying situation, fear. After that, the park scenes show how he learned how to bridle his innate talent. I'm sure Doug would have wanted to stretch some scenes out and really have fun with it, but it was edited so well, that we, the audience, don't need anything further to understand what is going on... or who David is, or WHY he can jump. The 'danglers', the parts we don't know, we don't need to know until the sequel. And God I hope there are TWO, I loved Jumper that much. It is quite evident that the critics do not want any more of Jumper, or Hayden.

I remember watching a film critics panel discussion on tv long ago, saying that the audience is not dumb, that a film shouldn't have to explain in detail what the camera can explain in one or two shots. They so wished that Hollywood would stop 'dumbing down' movies. I was thrilled at this!! What happened? Is this next generation of film critics THAT stupid?

I have to mention Max Thieriot. He's on his way, people. This kid was great!!



Read another Jumper fan review. Click here.

Join the chatter. Leave a comment or write your own review and email it to me.

Email: Hayden Christensen Fan News

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hayden Christensen's Jumper - What Fans Say

Jumper Teleports To Top Boxoffice Spot

"Jumper" surprised many critics in it's President's Day weekend opening and teleported straight to number one with a comfortable box office lead over two other anticipated movies, "The Spiderwick Chronicles" and "Step Up 2 The Streets".

The Doug Liman directed action-adventure sci-fi movie starring Hayden Christensen debuted over a long US holiday weekend releasing on Thursday, Valentine's Day. The final totals for the weekend's domestic box office came in with Jumper at number 1 with $32,092,991 with a more than comfortable lead over the number 2 movie, "The Spiderwick Chronicles", with $24,740,537. "Step Up 2 The Streets" grabbed the number 3 spot with $22,125,429.

"Jumper" now enters the record books, coming in at number 5 on the list of all time highest grossing box office movies, premiering on President's Day weekend. "Jumper" found an audience despite being trashed by critics, earning $67.6 million worldwide in it's first week in release.

Jumper Fans Jump the Critics

Critics came down hard on the movie and it's star Hayden Christensen, naming anything from script problems and plot holes to lack of chemistry and general lack of talent.

What some critics fail to realize is that Hayden Christensen has already found an audience and "Jumper" had a cast that people were very much looking forward to seeing, a cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell and Diane Lane and an anticipated movie directed by Doug Liman.

More and more audiences are making up their own minds about actors and movies because movie reviews trying to convince them not to like something they already like or have an interest in is beside the point.

Hayden is appealing as the "every-man", down-on-his-luck character, David Rice, who is transported from ordinary to extraordinary circumstances when he finds he can literally teleport from bullies and survive by taking not just what he needs but what he wants. Like the character says, "I was 15. Come on, what would you have done?" But David's luxurious and selfish lifestyle can only last so long before karma happens and all hell breaks loose with David being forced to turn his attention to things other than himself.

Movie goers jumped ahead of the critics and decided for themselves about Jumper and went out and saw the movie. In answer to the critics: "Jumper" isn't a big brain teaser. It's not hard to understand. Most of the complained about "unanswered questions" in the story are there in the movie if you're paying even a little attention. The movie did hold some things back and in that respect it was a lot like director Doug Liman's "The Bourne Identity" and its sequels. Jumper's ending and John Powell's totally cool music score especially at the end of the movie gave the feeling of more to come.

Though "Jumper" isn't perfect, there's something intriguing about the story and characters and together with some cool action sequences makes it an entertaining and fun popcorn flick. A sequel is already being talked about as a possibility. It deserves a sequel and if there is one, I'm there.

Over the coming days expect to see fan reviews and comments for Jumper posted here with probably a good dose of jumping the critics. Go out and make up your own mind about Jumper and see the movie this weekend.

Join the chatter. Comment on reviews here or email me if you want to submit a review, long or short, simple, serious or funny. Let us know what you thought about Jumper.

Read another fan review HERE.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hayden Christensen's Jumper Number 1 Movie - Original Score by John Powell

Jumper Soundtrack Release - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Powell is out in stores as of February 19th. Jumper, with a cast that includes Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson and Jamie Bell, is the number 1 movie in the country, currently in theaters everywhere. I saw Jumper last week and loved the movie and the music for the film. Sounds like a cool movie score too. The soundtrack is also available on iTunes

Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen in the title role, is the story of a young man who finds he has the ability to teleport himself (jump) at will to anyplace he's been or seen before. He's no hero and with great power comes great opportunity so he takes the easy road, living in luxury and taking what he wants with no thought of the consequences until reality throws his perfect little world into a tailspin. Jumper is in theater's now.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jumper "Anywhere is Possible" Press Junket

Updates for appearances and media coverage for the movie Jumper with Hayden Christensen

ETalk on CTV - February 8th (Friday) - "All about the new movie Jumper with Hayden Christensen." Etalk on CTV

Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell and Doug Liman in London - February 7th - Various coverage and media.

Ben Lyons - February 5-11 - E! News and the Daily 10 coverage from Egypt, Rome, London and next week from the New York premiere.

Hayden, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell and Doug Liman in Italy - February 6th - the Coliseum, February 6th.

Daily 10 on E! - Hayden, Rachel and Jamie with Ben Lyons. February 5th at 6:30 p.m. Catch night time repeats at 11:00 p.m., 2:00 a.m. and mornings at 7:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. CT

American Idol - Upcoming Jumper tv spot with Hayden and Ryan Seacrest. American Idol airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. CT

E! News - Ben Lyons - From Cairo on February 5th. E! News Live covers Jumper press junket at 6:00 p.m. Catch night time repeat episodes at 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. CT and mornings at 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. CT.

eTalk on CTV - Jumper coverage every night this week on this Canadian network. Check CTV for listings.

Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell and Doug Liman in Cairo- February 5th - At the Sphinx. Watch out for taped interviews from various tv programs.

Kicking It - With Byron Allen:
Week of 2/4 - 2/11 - Hayden is on the schedule for this syndicated program featuring interviews with stars of upcoming movies. Some of you may get this program on Saturday and others on Sunday. It may air more than once in your area. I usually get it on Sunday mornings at 2:00 a.m. Check local listings.

Mo 2/11: Rachel Bilson
Tu 2/12: Samuel L. Jackson
Th 2/14: Hayden Christensen

Fr 2/15: Rachel Bilson

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hayden Christensen TV Alerts Jumper Updates

The following has been updated on the Talk Show/Late Night Lineup web page. Check the page often for changes and updates to late night and day time guests schedule. Please post a comment if you have other appearance info.

Kicking It - With Byron Allen:

Week of 2/4 - 2/11 - Hayden is on the schedule for this syndicated program featuring interviews with stars of upcoming movies. Check local listings for day and time.

Jumper Ad during Super Bowl:
USA Today lists Jumper as one of the ads scheduled during the Super Bowl

Jumper Sneak Peek:

After Super Bowl during special airing of "House"

Super Bowl Pre-Game Show (with Ryan Seacrest)

Sun 2/03: Samuel L. Jackson


Mo 2/11: Rachel Bilson
Tu 2/12: Samuel L. Jackson,
Th 2/14: Hayden Christensen


Fr 2/15: Rachel Bilson


Don't forget to watch Box Office America this week/weekend for a special preview of Jumper. Box Office America is syndicated so you'll have to check your local channels for day and time. I usually get it here in my area on Saturday night at midnight on my local CBS channel.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hayden Christensen TV Alerts for Jumper

I will be posting any tv alerts for Hayden, Jumper and the cast of the movie that I come across. Jumper is in theaters February 14, 2008 and many news and entertainment programs are showing segements with previews and interviews with the cast. Below is a list of a few upcoming Jumper previews. If you know of any upcoming tv coverage of Jumper please post it so we can all crank up the dvr's and vcr's.

Box Office America - This weekend (syndicated, check local listings)
American Idol -(Ryan Seacrest and Hayden filmed a promo for an upcoming Idol episode)
The Insider -(syndicated, check local listings) - upcoming episode (maybe Jan. 31st)

You might also want to watch the schedules for shows like:

The Entertainers
Kicking It
MTV's Total Request Live (TRL)
E! News Live
E! The Daily 10
Entertainment Tonight
Good Morning America
The Today Show
Regis and Kelly
Late Night Talk Shows

Please post if you know of any previews for Jumper or appearances by Hayden. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hayden Christensen Jumper TV Alert for The Insider

Jumper will be featured on an upcoming episode of The Insider. The movie was featured in a segment on tonight's Insider with a brief interview with Hayden on the set of what looked like Rome. Also shown were Rachel and Hayden filming in the Coliseum. The future segment on Jumper will be on the set from Cairo, Egypt with the cast. The Insider is a daily syndicated entertainment news program so check local listings for times. Check local listing for times. Stay tuned.

For now you can visit the website and see the tv spot on The Insider.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hayden Christensen Teens for Jeans Spokesperson

Actors Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson recently filmed a Public Service Announcement as spokespersons for the Teens for Jeans Campaign sponsored by Aeropostale and The PSA was directed by Doug Liman.

1 in 3 homeless people in the US are under the age of 18 and Canada's homeless population is about 300,000. The Teens for Jeans Campaign is reaching out to help young homeless people in the US and Canada by raising awareness and giving teens the opportunity to help.

It's Easy to Donate

Aeropostale has made it easy for you to bring your gently worn jeans and drop them off at any of their store locations. Aeropostale stores are located nationwide and in Canada and you can find the store nearest you here on the Store Locator Map

Aeropostale will thank you for donating your jeans with an additional 20% off on any purchase of a new pair.

There's More You Can Do

It's easy to help but get a move on and clean out your closet and bring your jeans between 1/22/08 and 2/10/08. Get your friends in on things too. Invite your MySpace, Facebook and Live Journal friends to join you in spreading the word. Bloggers, you're on!

You and a few friends can organize a neighborhood jeans drive or one in your school. You could just make it a fun day with friends bringing your jeans to the nearest store. Write up the info and add it to your school newspaper or your local newspaper's calendar of events. There's lots of ways to spread the word.

Click to visit Teens for Jeans


Celebrities for Teens for Jeans Auctions

Hayden, Rachel and Doug - Celebs Gone Good

More Ways to Help

Hayden Christensen autographs jeans for the auction.

Rachel Bilson shown autographing jeans for the celebrity auction.

Hayden Christensen Fan News Website

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hayden Christensen Winter X Games Video

Hayden Christensen is attending the Winter X 12 Games in Aspen Colorado this weekend. The star of the upcoming film Jumper will be doing promotion for the movie along with co-star Rachel Bilson throughout the games. He will also be joinng Sal Masekela of E!'s Daily 10 as a guest commentator on some of the events. The Winter X12 Games airs on ABC Saturday afternoon and on ESPN at night and repeats during late night. Stay tuned for new Jumper commericials and tv spots during WX12. Check your local listings for times and events.

Jon Olsson, Sal Masekela, Mike Douglas, Hayden Christensen

In the video below, Hayden sits at the bottom of the hill with skiers flying overhead and conducts the text in vote.

Sal Masekela: "Hayden's losing his mind down here". Mike Douglas: "it looks easy Hayden. It's really not that hard."

Hayden Christensen Fan News Website

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hayden Christensen and Doug Liman MIT Jumper Preview

Hayden and Doug Liman answered questions and took pictures with fans and talked about Jumper and the science behind the story at the special screening held at MIT last night. They were joined on the panel by two of the university's physics professors who answerd the more scientific and technical questions about teleportation. During the Q & A, Hayden asked the crowd not to think of him as only a "sci fi kinda guy" adding that he has two films coming out that have nothing to do with science fiction, saying "it will be a nice change". Where would Hayden teleport? "Home, it’s always good to be home.”

Boston Herald
Photos from

Back to Hayden Christensen Fan News Website

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jumper: Jumpscars Graphic Novel Diane Lane

I'm looking forward to filling in some back story for Jumper with the graphic novel that is coming out in February to coincide with the movie release. The graphic novels will be more about Mary Rice than Hayden's character David Rice. Mary's role in the movie is also going to be somewhat different from the book and expanded if my info is correct. How could you not have Diane Lane in Jumper and not expand her character's storyline. There are a few clues about Diane Lane's character on the new website and in the graphic novel previews on Oni Press if you want spoilers.

Check out the Jumpscars preview at Oni Press:
Jumper: Jumpscars at Oni Press.
Jumper: Jumpscars Graphic Novel Preview

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hayden Christensen and Doug Liman at MIT Jumper Screening

Jumper's Hayden Christensen and Doug Liman will both be in attendance at a screening of selected scenes from the movie and a panel discussion with MIT Physics Professors Max Tegmark and Edward Farhi on the MIT campus Wednesday, January 16, 2008. You can get more info on the event on the Arts@MIT webpage.

Jumper, a 20th Century Fox February movie release, is the story of a young man with a genetic anomaly who finds he can teleport anywhere in the world in a split second. Trouble comes when he finds he isn't the only 'Jumper' out there and a secret organization isn't as excited about his talent as he is. In fact, they want to kill him because of the dangers Jumpers pose in being able to break laws at will and also a little something to do with creating rifts in the space-time continuum.

But if you think Jumper is just an action movie just read the synopsis:

"David is a Jumper who can teleport himself to the streets of New York and Tokyo, the ruins of Rome, and the Sahara Desert. He can see twenty sunsets in one night, whisk his girlfriend around the world in the blink of an eye, and grab millions of dollars in a matter of minutes. But David's global odyssey takes a deadly turn when he finds himself relentlessly pursued by a secret organization sworn to kill Jumpers. Forming an uneasy alliance with another Jumper, David becomes a key player in a war that seems to have no end. As these world-changing events unfold, David begins to discover the secrets and mythology behind his incredible ability."

I find jumping around the world to all those beautiful cities and taking time for sunsets and whisking your girlfriend around the globe just as romantic as I find it action-packed. And when Jumper whisks into theaters on Valentine's Day 2008, I'll have my head in the clouds thinking of romance and still be ready for an exciting ride.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

MIT Scheduled Jumper Sneak Preview

When: Wednesday, 16, January, 8:-00 p.m.

What: In the science fiction-action-thriller _Jumper_, a genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them.

The screening will be followed by a discussion panel about the film and the physics of teleportation featuring lead actor HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN, director DOUG LIMAN, and MIT Physics Professors MAX TEGMARK and EDWARD FARHI.

Who: This is a FREE Sneak Preview, with preferred admission for members of the MIT Community with an MIT ID or brass rat.

LSC members (including permpass members) may reserve tickets (for yourself and a guest). Email by Tuesday the 15th. Email:

Where: 26-100. Tickets will be distributed in Lobby 16 at 6pm on January 16.

Jumper the Movie - All New Interactive Website

Take a look at the completely new Jumper Official Movie Site. Audio from the Jumper soundtrack has been added to the main page with a background that is interactive including links to other pages on the site. There are wallpapers to download, a movie stills gallery, 3 commercial video spots and trailers and information on all the characters and the story. There is also a code to help you get into the Paladin headquarters.....if you can find the hidden base of operations. There you'll find more info on the Paladins and a list of operatives. Pretty cool stuff.

Click to enlarge image:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hayden Christensen cast in Neuromancer

The production company for Neuromancer the movie, Seven Arts Pictures, lists Hayden Christensen in the cast on the information page in their upcoming movies section. Also listed is Joseph Kahn as director and William Gibson as writer. Source: Seven Arts Pictures

Chatter in the cyberworld spread quickly this week when announced that his sources had named Hayden to take the lead role as Case in Neuromancer the movie. I don't know who Joblo's sources were but there was a project listing dated January 6th on which also listed Hayden in the cast. I suspect's info came from Seven Arts Pictures.

Neuromancer, first published in 1984 by William Gibson, was the original cyberpunk story with attitude that sparked our imagination and our views of a future world living with technology. Neuromancer's influence can be seen in such movies as Blade Runner and The Matrix. Whether you're in favor or not of the book as a movie and the choices of of cast and crew, this has been a hot topic this week for those who hope any movie adaptation can stay true to the book or completely skip a botched remix and not go to the big screen at all. Many agree though, a good adaptation has the potential to be an awesome film.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hayden Jumps into Serena's HP Commercial

What do you think of all the Jumper promotion so far? Since Fox is hosting the Superbowl, I wonder if we'll see something special on Superbowl Sunday?

Hayden and Rachel Video for Teens for Jeans

Watch Hayden and Rachel's Public Service Announcement for Aeropostale and to kick off the Teens for Jeans campaign. A behind the scenes video was also posted showing Hayden and Rachel laughing at each other flubbing their lines while rehearsing the PSA. All done in good fun to encourage everyone to do something now by sharing your gently worn jeans with those in need.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hayden Christensen Fan News * Blog

Welcome to the blog for Hayden Christensen Fan News. I'll be experimenting with different programs this year to make HCFN more interactive.

I look forward to hearing from other fans on all the news about Hayden and his latest projects. It's my way of adding one more vote, one more place on the internet for fans to show support for Hayden and all his work.

Have a little paitence while I fiddle with the settings, decorate the walls and hang the pictures and make this space a home. Happy posting!