Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jumper Sequel Seems Likely

Hayden Christensen may yet again be a teleporter if the Internet Movie Database's info is accurate. While searching earlier today for news on director Doug Liman, I found Jumper 2 listed on IMDB as one of Hayden's upcoming projects.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has added Jumper 2 to it's movie pages and shows a projected release date of 2011. IMDB's status for the film is "announced" and "in development" and was last updated March 12, 2008. No cast is listed but listed are director, Doug Liman and writers Steven Gould (novel) and Simon Kinberg. You can keep track of Jumper 2 by clicking here to go to IMDB.

The Toronto Star reported earlier this year that Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Bell had all signed for two sequels, which will only happen if Jumper is a box office success.

The Jumper 2 Message Board is also online and active at IMDB and you'll find a permanent IMDB link on Hayden Christensen Fan News in the right column of the main site for handy access to Jumper 2 and all of Hayden's movie pages on IMDB.

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