Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hayden Christensen - Runelords Poll Update

For the moment, Hayden Christensen has moved ahead in the Runelords Movie Poll. The voting isn't over yet and the voting has taken some wild jumps in the tally among the nominated actors in the last week. No one can claim victory just yet. Because of so much interest by the fans, this has become an amazing show of support for Hayden and the other actors nominated.

This is a reminder that if you haven't voted and plan to, please vote now. You are only allowed to vote once by the deadline which is January 31st. If you have voted ask others to vote. The poll organizers haven't given the exact time the poll will end so I'm not sure if it's midnight on Monday night or sometime on Tuesday or late Tuesday night so vote as soon as possible.

I am also asking international fans around the world to vote and spread the word and ask everyone to vote in your own language on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Below you will find all the information for the poll and the Runelords character of Gaborn. (Those who visit my site from countries like Australia, Philippines, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Canada, Mexico and all over South American spread the word.)

Character: Gaborn Synopsis

"In this big budget film, the part of Gaborn is endearing. He is an idealistic young man living an ideal life in a dark world until he starts to question the status quo, whether it is ethical to take away the strengths of others for your own whim. As his world is thrust into chaos, Gaborn struggles to live up to his own ideals and it gets him into an epic conflict that threatens the entire world." Source

Press Release

..."Prince Gaborn, a strong young idealist that falls head-over-heels in love with Princess Iome. He is a warrior, so he has to be lean and he's going to get some magical treatments that are created by brands on his body....

"Now we want to see what the fans have to say." Click here for full Press Release...