Friday, January 11, 2008

Hayden Christensen cast in Neuromancer

The production company for Neuromancer the movie, Seven Arts Pictures, lists Hayden Christensen in the cast on the information page in their upcoming movies section. Also listed is Joseph Kahn as director and William Gibson as writer. Source: Seven Arts Pictures

Chatter in the cyberworld spread quickly this week when announced that his sources had named Hayden to take the lead role as Case in Neuromancer the movie. I don't know who Joblo's sources were but there was a project listing dated January 6th on which also listed Hayden in the cast. I suspect's info came from Seven Arts Pictures.

Neuromancer, first published in 1984 by William Gibson, was the original cyberpunk story with attitude that sparked our imagination and our views of a future world living with technology. Neuromancer's influence can be seen in such movies as Blade Runner and The Matrix. Whether you're in favor or not of the book as a movie and the choices of of cast and crew, this has been a hot topic this week for those who hope any movie adaptation can stay true to the book or completely skip a botched remix and not go to the big screen at all. Many agree though, a good adaptation has the potential to be an awesome film.


mitchell said...

Thanks for the info!

Barbara said...

Neuromancer will be an interesting project to watch.

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