Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jumper: Jumpscars Graphic Novel Diane Lane

I'm looking forward to filling in some back story for Jumper with the graphic novel that is coming out in February to coincide with the movie release. The graphic novels will be more about Mary Rice than Hayden's character David Rice. Mary's role in the movie is also going to be somewhat different from the book and expanded if my info is correct. How could you not have Diane Lane in Jumper and not expand her character's storyline. There are a few clues about Diane Lane's character on the new Jumperthemovie.com website and in the graphic novel previews on Oni Press if you want spoilers.

Check out the Jumpscars preview at Oni Press:
Jumper: Jumpscars at Oni Press.
Jumper: Jumpscars Graphic Novel Preview

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