Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Chance to Vote for Hayden in MTV Movie Awards

Voting is still open at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards webpage so you still have a chance to make your vote count for Hayden and Jamie for "Best Fight" for Jumper. Vote today as often as you can and keep checking the MTV Movie Awards page until the voting is closed.

There was a little confusion with the date for closing the votes. Some articles at MTV stated "by May 23" and others "before May 23" but apparently the pages are still up and running so be sure to vote today.

EDIT: The voting page is still up at the MTV Movie Awards site so don't forget to vote. Keep checking the voting page.

Click the image to go to the vote page

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Hayden Christensen Fan News said...

The voting page for the MTV Movie Awards is still up so keep checking and don't forget to vote.