Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vote Hayden and Jumper - "Best Fight" 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell are nominated for "Best Fight" in their roles as David and Griffin in the movie Jumper. When Girffin (Jamie Bell) finds out the location of a sworn enemy, Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), he decides to blow him up. The only problem is Millie (Rachel Bilson) is Roland's prisoner and David (Hayden Christensen) must stop Griffin from detonating the bomb to save her. What ensues is a global knock down, drag out over the detonator between two jumpers who can teleport anywhere, anytime.

Click the picture below to go to the 2008 MTV Movie categories page, watch the video and cast your vote.

The MTV Movie awards page says "Only your votes decide who will take home the Golden Popcorn. Choose wisely (and often)".

It's always a surprise who will show up as guests at the MTV Movie Awards so we'll be watching just in case Hayden, Jamie, Rachel or Samuel L. show up for the fun. Mike Myers hosts the MTV Movie Awards to air live on Sunday, June 1st at 8 pm et/ 7 pm ct.

Vote before May 23, 2008.

So what are you waiting for.......start clicking.

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