Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hayden Christensen's Jumper - What Fans Say

Jumper Teleports To Top Boxoffice Spot

"Jumper" surprised many critics in it's President's Day weekend opening and teleported straight to number one with a comfortable box office lead over two other anticipated movies, "The Spiderwick Chronicles" and "Step Up 2 The Streets".

The Doug Liman directed action-adventure sci-fi movie starring Hayden Christensen debuted over a long US holiday weekend releasing on Thursday, Valentine's Day. The final totals for the weekend's domestic box office came in with Jumper at number 1 with $32,092,991 with a more than comfortable lead over the number 2 movie, "The Spiderwick Chronicles", with $24,740,537. "Step Up 2 The Streets" grabbed the number 3 spot with $22,125,429.

"Jumper" now enters the record books, coming in at number 5 on the list of all time highest grossing box office movies, premiering on President's Day weekend. "Jumper" found an audience despite being trashed by critics, earning $67.6 million worldwide in it's first week in release.

Jumper Fans Jump the Critics

Critics came down hard on the movie and it's star Hayden Christensen, naming anything from script problems and plot holes to lack of chemistry and general lack of talent.

What some critics fail to realize is that Hayden Christensen has already found an audience and "Jumper" had a cast that people were very much looking forward to seeing, a cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell and Diane Lane and an anticipated movie directed by Doug Liman.

More and more audiences are making up their own minds about actors and movies because movie reviews trying to convince them not to like something they already like or have an interest in is beside the point.

Hayden is appealing as the "every-man", down-on-his-luck character, David Rice, who is transported from ordinary to extraordinary circumstances when he finds he can literally teleport from bullies and survive by taking not just what he needs but what he wants. Like the character says, "I was 15. Come on, what would you have done?" But David's luxurious and selfish lifestyle can only last so long before karma happens and all hell breaks loose with David being forced to turn his attention to things other than himself.

Movie goers jumped ahead of the critics and decided for themselves about Jumper and went out and saw the movie. In answer to the critics: "Jumper" isn't a big brain teaser. It's not hard to understand. Most of the complained about "unanswered questions" in the story are there in the movie if you're paying even a little attention. The movie did hold some things back and in that respect it was a lot like director Doug Liman's "The Bourne Identity" and its sequels. Jumper's ending and John Powell's totally cool music score especially at the end of the movie gave the feeling of more to come.

Though "Jumper" isn't perfect, there's something intriguing about the story and characters and together with some cool action sequences makes it an entertaining and fun popcorn flick. A sequel is already being talked about as a possibility. It deserves a sequel and if there is one, I'm there.

Over the coming days expect to see fan reviews and comments for Jumper posted here with probably a good dose of jumping the critics. Go out and make up your own mind about Jumper and see the movie this weekend.

Join the chatter. Comment on reviews here or email me if you want to submit a review, long or short, simple, serious or funny. Let us know what you thought about Jumper.

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Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a review worth noting! Great segue for things to come. *wink*

You should listen to Barbara folks, she knows of that which she writes.

For those who haven't heard Doug Liman's interview at Collider, you're missing out on the Jumper director's entertaining behind-the-scenes stories of filming Jumper and Bourne. You'll also gain a better understanding of Doug Liman's personal vision for Jumper and it's characters. Clue: There are no plot holes. *wink*