Friday, February 22, 2008

Hayden Christensen and Jumper - Simply Awesome!

You know what? The fight is gone. I no longer feel the need to scrap with the film critic's sad, angry reviews of Jumper. I went to see it... and it was simply awesome.

You have to wonder at the vitriol spewed at Hayden Christensen by male 'film critics'. Up until very recently, I thought it was because they were jealous, or sadly lacking in the knowledge of who exactly created Star Wars.

Maybe they're not as jealous as they are... AFRAID.

These Cheetos munching losers who wrote their diatribes of Hayden's lack of acting chops while sprawled lazily at their computers in their saggy, stained, tidy (not) whities, are afraid. Yes, they are afraid of him. Hayden Christensen is an acting hurricane, a force to be reckoned with in a beautifully wrapped, kindhearted, intimidatingly intelligent, unafraid-to-be-effeminate-but-more-masculine-than-most, package.


I loved this movie. I am astounded at the critics reaction to this film. Do they have something against the writers? Doug Liman? What? I can tell you one thing... we did not see the same film. I saw a meticulously laid out story line, a great script, great acting, fantastic cgi, and fun, fun, fun. The audience's reaction to this film was such a trip. They ooooed and ahhhhed, gasped, laughed and giggled in the right places... they were either flat against the back of their seat, hands grasping tightly at their friends' arms, or dangling from the edge of their seat... so engrossed they were at the thrill ride that is Jumper.

It was known from the beginning that this might be a trilogy, so why are the critics confused by the danglers that were so well done? And why on earth would a film critic expose their sub-intelligence by saying the characters were not fleshed out enough, that there is no back story, "why do they jump and how". Did they not see WHY David was able to jump at the beginning of the movie? That's how it started PEOPLE... his desperation to leave a terrifying situation, fear. After that, the park scenes show how he learned how to bridle his innate talent. I'm sure Doug would have wanted to stretch some scenes out and really have fun with it, but it was edited so well, that we, the audience, don't need anything further to understand what is going on... or who David is, or WHY he can jump. The 'danglers', the parts we don't know, we don't need to know until the sequel. And God I hope there are TWO, I loved Jumper that much. It is quite evident that the critics do not want any more of Jumper, or Hayden.

I remember watching a film critics panel discussion on tv long ago, saying that the audience is not dumb, that a film shouldn't have to explain in detail what the camera can explain in one or two shots. They so wished that Hollywood would stop 'dumbing down' movies. I was thrilled at this!! What happened? Is this next generation of film critics THAT stupid?

I have to mention Max Thieriot. He's on his way, people. This kid was great!!



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Anonymous said...

I remember reading some of the same criticisms about "The Bourne Identity". To many unanswered questions, plot holes, uninteresting and underdeveloped love story, etc.

Well, we know what happened with that movie.

CC said...

Awesome review and right on all points. Just recently saw Jumper in the movies and it kept me thinking long after the movie was over! All the actors did a wonderful job in my eyes and can't wait for the sequels!

Looks like someone needs to clean house in the "critics" department and hire some people with a few brain cells!!!

Oh and Max did a wonderful job I thought too! He definitely could have been Hayden's little brother. It was almost scary!!!