Friday, August 1, 2008

Rumors of Hayden in Neuromancer Movie

Even though Hayden has declined the opportunity to talk about this project in interviews and his name has been removed from the cast at Internet Movie Database (IMDB), rumors still persist that he will play Case in the big screen adaptation of the novel by William Gibson.

A poster has surfaced giving rise to more speculation by fans, some anxiously awaiting and some dreading the upcoming movie, which is being produced by Seven Arts Pictures. It doesn't help that Seven Arts still has Hayden's name in the synopsis even though it also removed the casting from the page.

[EDIT: August 15, 2008 - "Seven Arts Pictures has updated the Neuromancer Synopsis and has removed Hayden's name. They also changed the main character's name, which had been spelled "Cage", to "Case".]

In May, Peter Hoffman of Seven Arts Pictures brought the project to Cannes Film Market as part of the company's slate of films with Indiewire reporting that director Joseph Kahn had been signed to helm with a cast announcement coming soon. There has been no casting announcement since then. Indiewire's Cannes Biz Daily also reported William Gibson to be writing the script.

[EDIT: August 1, 2008 - William Gibson posted to his blog today that he is not writing the screenplay for Neuromancer.]

I understand fans who are eagerly anticipating the movie might want to speculate to help pass the time until something is confirmed but at present that's all it is....old rumors and speculation.

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lexiemac said...

I'm still reading rumors about this. I don't think fans want the movie made.