Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hold That Jumper - Doug Liman's Next Project?

Regardless of updates to IMDB and other talk about Jumper 2, it's possible that Doug Liman's untitled Moon project might be closer to starting production than his Hayden Christensen starring sequel to Jumper. Recently, IMDB added Hayden Christensen to the cast on the Jumper 2 listing for the sequel. The original Jumper came in number one at the box office when it was released in February 2008.

As schedules are always in a state of being arranged and re-arranged on Hollywood movie projects, you just never know what might get moved up or pushed back.

Only time will tell if Jumper 2 or the Moon project will be Doug Liman's next project. At the moment, it looks like everyone involved, including Jake Gyllenhaal, might have room on their schedules for the Moon project to start filming in early 2010.

Hayden has two possible projects listed in pre-production on IMDB which haven't been confirmed yet but could keep him busy for awhile. Besides that, there are several scripts for Moon and there has been no mention of any script yet on Jumper 2. Status is still listed as "In Development: Optioned property". Fans of the Steven Gould Jumper books may have to wait a little longer to see Hayden Christensen reprise the role of David Rice in a second installment in the series.

Simon Kinberg who also wrote for Jumper and who is tayloring the Moon script specifically for actor Jake Gyllenhaal spoke to 30 Ninjas Blog about the progress of that project.

JFG: Where does the film [Moon Project] stand now?

SK: We’re hoping that the movie shoots the beginning of next year. And it has been through many iterations, which I think is Doug’s process, to some extent, where he wants to look at a lot of different versions of something to make sure it’s the exact right version, and I think we’re starting to close in on the exact right version. Like you say, it’s been a labor of love for Doug, and I’ve worked with him on two movies and a TV pilot now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as passionate about a project as he is about this.

JFG: It’s the longest he’s been on a project.

SK: For sure. Which is telling. So it’s an ongoing — as you know, since you’re part of the conversation still — it is an ongoing conversation, it’s a group dialogue, it’s all these people involved giving ideas, and our trying to synthesize them … I just spent time with Jake, who is also a producer on the movie, and hopefully the star of the movie, and he’s doing research, and thinking about it, and has all kinds of good ideas, and — like all Dougie’s movies, but maybe more than the others — it’s an all-hands-on-deck, everybody’s-contributing-ideas process. Source

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